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Job Description


This section outlines the duties you will be expected to perform as an EPIK teacher. These duties are listed as a general guideline. A more comprehensive list of duties will be announced at the time of your local placement.

The duties are carried out under the guidance of your MOE (Metropolitan Office of Education) or POE (Provincial Office of Education). Your place of work may be in a school, Office of Education, training center, English Experience Center or any other educational institute located in the jurisdiction of the Office of Education. You may be designated to work in multiple locations and the grade level of your students will not be made available until after your arrival to Korea.

To assist Korean teachers with their English classes, and/or jointly conduct English classes with Korean teachers, and/or extracurricular activities or English camps.

To conduct English conversation classes for Korean students and teachers.

To prepare teaching materials for English language education.

To assist in developing teaching materials for English language education.

To assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities.

To demonstrate a good command of the English language, both written and spoken.

To perform other duties as specified by your MOE/POE.