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Training Programs

Online Pre-Orientation


To provide a better understanding of Korean culture and history

To acquire knowledge relevant to areas of elementary, middle and high school curricula

To facilitate the transition of EPIK teachers into their local schools

To provide tips for adjusting to life in Korea

To teach Survival Korean phrases and expressions

Duration :

15 training hours will be accumulated upon completion.

Eligibility :

Incoming EPIK teachers who have received their Contract and Notice of Appointment

Requirements :

Completion of all 15 courses

After completing the program, EPIK teachers will be able to print a certificate of completion.

Program (Sample)

sample Program table contents, Unit, Title

Unit Title
1 Introduction to the EPIK Program
2 School Facilities, Staff, and Etiquette
3 Korean Students & English Education in Korea
4 An EPIK Teacher's Daily Life & School Events
5 Co-teaching Sample Classes
6 Living in Korea 1 : Housing, Mobile & Banking
7 Living in Korea 2 : Transportation, Currency & Shopping
8 Korean Industries, Landmarks and Festivals
9 Korean History: Past and Present
10 Understanding Korean Culture & Cultural Differences
11 Survival Korean 1: Let's Learn Hangeul!
12 Survival Korean 2: Self-introduction
13 Survival Korean 3: Essential Phrases at School
14 Survival Korean 4: Greetings & Basic Expressions
15 Arrival Preparation & FAQs