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Training Programs

Mandatory Training Requirement

EPIK endeavors to facilitate all Guest English Teachers (GETs)' growth and development as teachers by offering training programs that are required by the Ministry of Education and the Metropolitan/Provincial Offices of Education (MOEs/POEs). The training programs are designed to assist and augment your abilities to teach in the Korean public school system.

Mandatory Training Requirement table contents, number, Program, Hours, When to Take
No. Program Hours When to Take
1 Online Pre-Orientation 15 hours Before arriving in Korea or directly after your school placement
2 Main Orientation 30~45 hours Right after the arrival in Korea and before your school placement
3 Additional Orientation
4 Online In-service Training 15 hours After the school placement

The Ministry of Education and the MOEs/POEs believe that these training programs will help teachers make better connections with their students. All GETs are required to complete the online pre-orientation program before coming to Korea and present the certificate during the main or additional orientation. After the main or additional orientation, teachers are required to take the online in-service training program while they are teaching. This in-service training program will broaden teachers' understanding of co-teaching skills. The completion status of each program will be reported to the MOE and POE supervisors.