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Training Programs

Online In-Service Training


To improve teaching skills of EPIK teachers and Korean teachers

To understand the role of EPIK teachers and Korean teachers in co-teaching

To share useful teaching methods and information

To discuss and find solutions to overcome difficulties in co-teaching

Duration :

17 hours

Eligibility :

EPIK teachers and Korean teachers who are working together in their schools

Program (Sample)

sample Program
Unit Title
1 Qualities of a Good Teacher
2 Class Management Strategies 1
3 Class Management Strategies 2
4 Teaching Listening & Various Activities
5 Teaching Speaking & Various Activities
6 Teaching Reading & Various Activities
7 Teaching Writing & Various Activities
8 Teaching Structure and Various Activities
9 Evaluation & Assessment
10 Implementation of Co-teaching Models and Strategies
11 Co-teaching 1-1 : Pre-class Collaboration and Lesson Plan Design
12 Co-teaching 1-2 : Model Class and Post-Class Assessment
13 Co-teaching Model 2
14 Co-teaching Model 3
15 Strengthening Korean Teacher & Guest English Teacher Relationship
16 Education: Preventing Sexual Harassment
17 Preventing School Violence and Safety Education

Section Description

Section Description
Section Description
Intro Trainees will find out what they will learn throughout the unit.
Lecture The lectures will be based on teaching strategies and various activities GETs can use in the classroom.
Model Class A video clip of a lesson will be shown.
More & More More & More correlates with model class : trainees will gain more information and activities for each unit.
Class Analysis Important tips or facts on Model Class will be shown in texts.
Check-Up The Check-Up is to briefly assess what the trainees have learned in each lecture.
Wrap-Up The Wrap-Up is a brief summary of each unit.
Episodes Trainees will view a short video clip of GETs and Korean teachers' teaching experience.