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[Miscellaneous] Can I have/bring a pet with me?
[Miscellaneous] Will an applicant with an in-class TEFL component be offered a position over someone with a fully online course?
[Miscellaneous] I want to apply with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Can we be placed near each other?
[Miscellaneous] May I defer my acceptance until the following term?
[Miscellaneous] Can unmarried couples receive couple housing?
[Miscellaneous] Can I apply with a dependent?
[Documents] Do I need a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA?
[Documents] My CELTA course will be completed before the start of the contract, but the actual certificate will not be issued until after the start of the contract. Can I submit a letter as proof in place of the completion certificate?
[Documents] Will EPIK acknowledge a Bachelor or Master degree obtained outside one of the designated English-speaking countries EPIK hires from?
[Documents] Does EPIK accept FBI checks through channelers?
[Documents] Is there any TEFL/TESOL certifications or companies you prefer?
[Documents] I currently work in Korea. Will I need to obtain new documents to apply to EPIK?
[Visa] How do I apply for an E-2 Visa?
[Visa] When do I apply for the visa?
[Visa] What kind of visa must I apply for as an EPIK teacher?
[Placement] Can I choose where I am placed in Korea?
[Placement] When will I know the exact school in which I will work?
[Placement] What if I am granted final approval and then decide that I would prefer not to go?
[Eligibility] Who is eligible for EPIK?
[Eligibility] I do not hold a Bachelor degree. Can I apply?